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What Students Say

About Acting with Mrs. Davis

"I have seen so much growth in my 3 children in just a 4-week period of time with them learning from Mrs. Davis.  My kids had no prior acting experience and Mrs. Davis coached them into being able to recite an audition worthy monologue.  Since initial contact she has been professional and has a positive energy you want to be around.  My kids picked up on this right away.  My oldest has high functioning autism and she was able to not only work with him but keep his attention.  She is pulling out the best in my kids, and as a parent that is what we want when we choose activities for our children.  Teachers and Coaches can make lasting impacts and shape young children.  Mrs. Davis is someone I am happy to have around my kids." 

- Ebony W.

“I love Mrs. Davis’ class! She is an amazing teacher and I learned so much from her! The lessons with her helped me to grow in my acting skills and she always did a great job at showing me where I needed to make changes in my work. She listens to your opinion of what you are comfortable with and is supportive in the areas where you have insecurities. Strengthening your weaknesses and becoming more confident! She also provides creative ways to teach that makes her class so fun! Mrs. Davis took me through steps to help me achieve my goals like my audition for a Fine Arts Academy that I now attend!  Mrs. Davis is a wonderful teacher and offers a great place of learning to study and grow your craft!"

- Lilian B.

"I have two daughters, Jazmine and Denise, ages 12 and 13. When I first heard about "Kids Acting with Purpose" I immediately thought of my daughters. They are both talented, and I believe in presenting every opportunity possible to them. Other than school and church plays with maybe one or two lines, they really didn't have much knowledge about theatre or acting. Their first session with Mrs. Davis was awesome! They were a little nervous with it being their first time and stepping out of their comfort zones. But after their first day they couldn't wait until their next session. The smiles and excitement on their faces when heading to classes says it all. Mrs. Davis is very talented and very good at what she does. She takes the time to work with her students and build up their stage confidence. Acting with Mrs. Davis is something I feel that everyone can benefit from. Not only did my girls learn new acting skills, but they also learned how to speak in front of a group of people. If you are thinking about booking lessons or a summer workshop with Mrs. Davis, don't hesitate. I promise you will not be disappointed and your children will love it!"

- Valencia W.

I took all 5 of my children to a spring break workshop and they had a blast! Mrs. Davis definitely knows how to get them to "want to be involved"----even my three older teens! Mrs. Davis is fun, knowledgeable and super passionate about the craft of Theatre. Hands down ---one of the best in the area!

- Shaunte B.

Mrs. ShaVonne Davis is truly a jewel! Her patience and creativity in coaching is boundless! She has inspired my daughter, Julian, to believe in her dreams and challenged her to reach deeper into herself for each of her performances. Julian has found a mentor who supports her with constructive criticism, helpful hints and a caring perspective. Mrs. Davis has even suggested options for college and provided guidance for local auditions. I’m so grateful to have found her at just the right time! I highly recommend Mrs. Davis’ services for young and old alike. Her experience as a teacher, acting coach and fellow actor provide a balanced foundation to help all her students achieve their personal best!

- Stephanie S.

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